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Classic Classifieds is an online classifieds site that provides singles or couples with a platform to browse and post personals ads. Our platform helps adults connect with singles or couples who are seeking either casual encounters, ongoing personal connections, or a long-term relationship. We can help you find or post ads for women casual dates, men casual dates, couples casual dates, transgender casual dates, and fetish casual dates. Whatever your preferred arrangement is we can help you find the right personal connection. We always advise our users to be safe when meeting someone new. Always notify someone close to you that you plan to meet someone you met online as well as the time and location in which you plan to meet. We also recommend you to be safe and use sound judgment. Please report any incidents of abuse to your local authorities and notify us on our contact page. Classic Classifieds is 100% committed to improving your advertising experience by offering fast, reliable, safe, professional, and quality service. We value your patronage if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions let us know on our contact page.